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While the vast majority of job opportunities are valid, it is important for job hunters to take precautions when applying for jobs. We recommend that you refuse any job offer that involves:

  • Using your personal bank account, including forwarding money, agreeing to deposit cheques or money orders, or having money wired into your bank account.
  • Paying money out of your own pocket, such as paying a fee to learn the details of a job or obtain a background check.
  • Re-shipping products because it often involves stolen credit cards and victims will spend their own money on the shipping and are "reimbursed" with counterfeit cheques or money orders.
  • Divulging personal information, such as birth date, social insurance number or driver's licence or passport details.

Find A Job Canada has a strict policy of not accepting job postings which require that the applicant pays a fee. Please inform us immediately if you are asked to do so on any job posting on our site. You can contact us via email at:



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